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Your Host, Dr. William Russo, and a ghost from the Titanic, Richard.

                                        Pictured above are your host, Dr. Russo, and his spirit mentor Richard.

For many years, people interested in paranormal and spirits have asked to visit my home on Mill Circle. There, we have experienced many spirits, including Richard who was born in Winchendon Springs and died on the Titanic in 1912. His presence has served as my guardian and protector. Some psychic visitors have insisted that we knew each other in a previous life, or that I am a reincarnation. Richard's body was recovered several days after his drowning, and he is buried a mile away at Riverside Cemetery. Whatever is happening, it is mysterious and fascinating. Now I am ready to share my connection to another plane with visitors to Mill Circle.

Highly Qualified Educator & Tour Guide


Your host and tour guide is a former college professor, Dr. William Russo, from Curry College in MIlton, MA. There for thirty years he taught a variety of writing and film courses, including Ghosts in Film and Literature.

Dr. Russo noticed in 1980 that one of the classrooms where he held his lectures contained a plaque dedicated to the heroism of a Titanic victim named Richard White. He learned a few details, but not much else. No one could explain why the plaque was there (from the 1950s when the school was used as a private Catholic school). He knew only that the victim was a 21-year old traveling first-class with his wealthy businessman father.

With an interest in Titanic history, he was shocked to learn that the house he purchased for retirement was once owned by the Titanic victims. Then,  he discovered strange activities in the house. He learned that Richard was born here and was buried nearby.

Psychics visited the house on several occasions. Three told him Richard was present, was happy that Dr. Russo had moved here, and wanted to play chess with him.

Soon thereafter, chess pieces on a board in the library began to move on their own. Inexplicably.

Russo studied the local history and wrote several books on Richard and his family. These include Tales of a Titanic Family,  Haunting near Virtuous Spring, and Chess-Mate From Titanic.

He is well-qualified to be your guide to the haunting and  paranormal activities of Mill Circle.

Books on Mill Circle History


Pictured above is the chessboard with an inexplicable first move:  king down as a concession. Mysteriously appeared one night after Dr. Russo requested a game with Richard.

Books by Dr. Russo on Mill Circle are available on for your background readings.

Tales of a Titanic Family

Haunting near Virtuous Spring

Chess-Mate from Titanic

Murder at Mill Circle

Ghosts of Mill Circle

The Great Barn of Mill Circle

Village Post Office at Mill Circle

and others.

“The Haunted House, or The Mansion at the Spring”

Written by Zadoc Long, February 26th, 1861, for his grandchildren who lived at Mill Circle in a haunted house. 

At a small opening, far away 

In a dense surrounding wood, Where wild beasts prowled in search of prey, Lang syne, a dwelling stood. 

A man of manner coarse and gruff Kept entertainment there; And on his door in letters rough, Was written “Forest Fare.” 

‘Twas when the country all was new, Rarely a village seen— Where early settlements were few And many miles between. 

A lonely spot, environed by
Rude nature’s gloomiest scenes, 

Deep pits and pools, and mountains high, Steep crags and dark ravines. 

Where had been found a mineral spring Whose fame, sent far and nigh, Did many curious strangers bring
Its healing charms to try. 

The place became a choice retreat, Where idlers loved to ramble, And sporting characters to meet To hunt or fish and gamble. 

Carousels often held at night, Loud merriment and jest, Waked weary travelers with fright Who put up there to rest. 

When storms would howl and torrents pour, And winds the forest stirred,
Wildly commingling with the roar These revels might be heard. 

And some, at length, surmised foul play; Blood-stains had been discerned; ‘Twas rumored strangers went that way Who never thence returned. 

That one retiring late to rest, 

O’erheard, his bed-room near, A cry of agony suppressed That chilled his blood with fear. 

Some old inhabitants declare (The story may be queried)
A peddler, once, was murdered there And in the cellar buried. 

The place so bad a name incurred, It was at length deserted;
And not till long time afterward, To any use converted. The old house fitted up anew, The wood-land turned to tillage, The once waste now presents to view A thriving factory village. 

Its tragic mem’ries still beset Some people living near it, 

Who think the house is haunted yet By that poor peddler’s spirit. And in the dead of night surmise They hear unearthly groans, The calls for vengeance that arise From his unquiet bones. 

Dire sights and sounds and strong accounts Of spectres pale and grim
Are told; though wiser folks pronounce These marvels all a whim.
Sure, he who now the Mansion owns
A noble-hearted fellow
Keeps better things than dead men’s bones In his well-furnished cellar. 

No skulking goblins harbor there, No spirits but the best;
But it contains the choicest fare, His friends can all attest.

Orbs in Library Video

While I watched my security camera  from a different location in the house, orbs were flying around at 4am in my library. I asked my two spirit residents, Richard and Addie, to show themselves or the orbs. They responded to my request, though I did not see them until a second look. The first appears after noise in the dark corner at about ten seconds. Others in various locations after you hear me ask Richard or Addie to show an orb. They comply. Full video is four minutes.

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